Fitness & Personal Training

Get back in shape, get strong, get into the best shape of your life. Your journey begins here.

Do any of these describe you?

– You are just starting your fitness journey and are looking to lose weight or get stronger.

– You have tried to work out before, but need some help staying consistent

– You want to get fit on your own, you just need some direction – a plan.

– You have a previous injury you want to make sure is healed properly before getting too

– You are an athlete or martial artist who wants to stay injury-free or take your athleticism to the next level

– You are concerned that you can’t afford a personal trainer

Regardless of which one fits you, our experienced, caring trainers can help you define and achieve your goals. Come in for a free consultation where we will give you a tour of our facility, sit down and find out your goals and make a recommendation for which program best suits you. Our programs include:

FightFit Drop-In Group Fitness Classes
Not your average group fitness class! These dynamic, high-energy classes will get your heart pumping, build muscle and speed up your metabolism. If you just want a fun, flexible way to work out, these drop-in classes are perfect.

Personalized Independent Training Programs
Many of our members and athletes have had success by having one of our trainers build a program which they follow on their own. If you have the discipline to work out on your own, and want some of the benefits of working with a trainer without having to pay the cost of one, this program is perfect.

Personal Training
Nothing compares to the one-on-one attention of a dedicated trainer. After a thorough assessment of your current strengths, weaknesses and instabilities

Small Group
Coming Soon!

Rehabilitative Programs
Have an old injury or muscle imbalance you feel you need to heal? Our trainers will do a full-body assessment to determine where your strengths and weaknesses are.

Nutrition Counselling and Education
Coming soon!

Combat Athlete Program
If you’re looking to compete, it’s important to get your fitness, nutrition, sleep and mental game on point. Our Combat Athlete program provides a complete coaching program for winning – on and off the mats. From basic nutrition education and counseling to working with a sports psychologist who has coached the likes of UFC Champion Conner McGregor, this program is for those serious about becoming champions.

We look forward to helping you craft the body you want. Call us today!