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At OpenMat, we're more than just a martial arts gym; we're a community where passion for martial arts meets personal growth. Discover an environment that's fun, welcoming, and tailored to help you achieve your best, whether you're a beginner or an aspiring champion.

01 Super Fun & Welcoming Atmosphere

One of the first things you’ll notice at OpenMat is the atmosphere. Our staff, instructors, and students are dedicated to making sure you feel welcomed, encouraged, and have fun! We’ve been lucky to attract positive people who have created an environment that’s completely unique within the martial arts world.

02 Beginner Focused

With a dedicated 101 program, designed specifically with beginners in mind, we make learning easy. Whether you are just testing the waters, want to lose some weight, have already been inspired to compete or even earn your black belt, our program was designed to give you the foundation you need.

03 Caring Cast of Amazing Instructors

It’s rare to find an instructor who is not only highly skilled, but also articulate, patient, thoughtful, fun, and caring. We’ve been incredibly lucky to be able to assemble a team of superstar martial artists who also happen to be dedicated, enthusiastic, and passionate instructors.

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04 Personal Attention

One of the reasons that everyone loves OpenMat so much is the amount of personal attention they receive. Our expert instructors closely monitor your progress, giving you focused feedback when needed, making sure you never feel left behind. We pride ourselves on knowing all of our students’ names and making sure everyone gets personal attention in every class.

05 Structured Curriculum Designed by Experts

Like any great learning institution, OpenMat uses a structured, organized, finely crafted curriculum designed by experts. Our thoughtful and highly-skilled instructors have put together comprehensive step-by-step curricula which give you an easy to follow roadmap.

06 Enormous, Accommodating Schedule

Whatever your schedule, OpenMat has classes for you. Morning, afternoon, evening, and late-night classes offer you the chance to train even in your busiest times.

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07 Women- and Girl-Friendly

We are lucky to be home to an incredibly diverse group of super supportive, inspiring women. With female instructors and many female students, successful female competitors, and lots of great female role models among our members, OpenMat is a place where everyone feels welcomed and encouraged to dream big and aim high.

08 Superstar Competition Team

We are home to one of Canada’s best-known and most highly decorated competition teams, with local, national, international, and world champions among us. We’ve helped take students from completely new to world champion in their division. If you’re looking to train with the best, you’ve come to the right place.

09 Facility & Location

We aim to offer the finest martial arts and fitness experience imaginable and our beautiful academy plays an integral part. Top of the line mats and fitness equipment make your experience here even more enjoyable. Conveniently located at Spadina and College in the heart of Toronto, OpenMat is easy to get to before, during lunch and after work and school, whether you’re coming by car or public transit. We clean mats times daily to ensure only the best, cleanest training experience.

10 Community and Culture

Built on the idea that martial arts are really about learning about yourself and growing as a person, OpenMat has always been meant to be more than just a martial arts academy. Thanks to the efforts of our instructors, staff, and students, we have become a fantastically supportive community of fun, kind, thoughtful, and encouraging people seeking to make a positive impact in their own lives, the lives of those around them, and in the bigger picture.

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