Muay Thai Kickboxing

Physical Fitness while learning a practical martial art in the heart of downtown Toronto

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Muay Thai Kickboxing Toronto

Learn To Fight While Relieving Stress and Getting In INCREDIBLE Shape.

Muay Thai Kickboxing is one of the most effective martial arts for self-defence and one of the most fun ways to get in shape.

Whether you just want a fun way to get in shape, or dream of one-day fighting, Muay Thai will supercharge your life!

Empowering, fun and an incredible workout, Muay Thai is “the art of 8 limbs”. Unlike traditional striking arts which mostly teach punches and kicks, Muay Thai teachers the use of elbows and knees as well, more effective in a close-quarters situation.

The power and confidence you feel stays with you when you walk down the street, in the boardroom and in your social life. The changes you see in your body give you a different kind of confidence, that also ripples out.

Taught by passionate, enthusiastic and expertly trained instructors who have actually fought (and won! ?) on the international level, you will be learning techniques and strategies that work. More than just fighters, our instructors care and want you to have fun while learning and growing stronger.

Worried that you’re not in good enough shape to start?
Or that you won’t know anyone and feel out of place?
Or that you won’t “be good” at Muay Thai?
Or, not an aggressive person and less than 100% comfortable with the idea of hitting or getting hit?

Your First Class
On your first class, you’ll be introduced to the instructor and some of the other students. Class begins with a warm-up that you moderate at your own pace until you feel ready to push hard. We want you to feel welcomed, comfortable and challenged – at whatever level you’re starting at.

We know that when we get out of the habit of working out, it can seem intimidating to get back into it (or into it for the first time), and so we do everything we can to make getting started and staying the course easy, fun and rewarding.

Class Descriptions

Muay Thai Kickboxing Conditioning – Level-Appropriate Push!
Muay Thai kick boxers are some of the best conditioned athletes in the world. This fun, high-paced class will kick your butt into shape – at your pace! With modified drills and exercises (and breaks!) for beginners just getting back into shape, we adapt the class to you so you push at just the right level.

Muay Thai Bootcamp
Muay Thai is known as one of the best ways to get in shape quickly. These fun, high-paced classes will boost your mood and kick your butt! Amazing before, after Muay Thai Technique classes – or even on their own – Muay Thai Conditioning classes will get you into great shape quickly.

Muay Thai Fundamentals
Learn fundamental stance, footwork and movement for both defending yourself hitting back! Build incredible confidence while learning to properly punch, kick, elbow, knee and clinch. Few things relieve as much stress as coming to class and hitting the pads in our friendly, fun environment. While Muay Thai is an incredibly effective – even dangerous – martial art, OpenMat is one of the safest places in Toronto to train in it. With proper warm-ups and cool downs, these Thai kickboxing classes only have you hitting pads – so you’ll never get hit if you don’t want to.

Muay Thai Sparring Drills
For those looking to develop skill defending themselves against realistic aggression, OpenMat’s Sparring Drills class will get you comfortable hitting and being hit – safely! Sparring Drills are the safe way to get ready for full sparring, without the intimidation of jumping into the deep-end. We use these drill classes to get you ready to spar – once you have your fundamentals and combinations down, you will be invited to join the other advanced students in full sparring.

*Note: This training is reserved for those in our Combat Athlete Program.