Dan Davis


professor DAN DAVIs

One of OpenMat MMA Toronto’s Black Belts, Dan has been training BJJ since 2007 and wrestling since 2012.  He loves that BJJ challenges people to overcome obstacles and strengthen areas of weakness for continuous self improvement.

With over 10 years of experience teaching BJJ, Dan specializes in competition training, strategizing and preparing both himself and others for the challenge of competition. 

Outside of the gym, Dan is a lawyer.

Competition HighLights

2018 Brasileiro No-Gi Bronze Medalist (Adult Black Belt Lightweight)- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2019 American National No-Gi Bronze Medalist (Adult Black Belt Lightweight) – Las Vegas, U.S.A.
2014 Pan No Gi Bronze Medalist 
2013 Pan No Gi Silver Medalist (Adult Brown Belt Lightweight)- New York, U.S.A.