Fight Like a Girl

Fight Like A Girl aims to make self defence programs affordable to every woman in the world by 2030. Even if every woman knew how to defend herself, however, why would we accept a world in which she had to? To tackle the problem directly, we have created Fight Like A Man through which we go to corporations, universities and schools to talk to boys and men about gender-based violence, healthy boundaries and social change. Together we can change the world.

How do you keep Fight Like A Girl going?

With the generous support of our sponsors and volunteers.

We are deeply grateful to OpenMat, Dare To Defend and The Fight Network who are enabling us to keep this program running through 2017.

How does Fight Like A Girl differ from other women’s self-defence courses?

One of the most striking differences is that few, if any, women’s self-defence courses are founded in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is perfect for a women’s self-defence for three reasons:

It has been proven to work against bigger people.
Size is not an issue.

It deals specifically with what we think of as vulnerable positions.
There is immense power hidden in what we think of as worst-case scenarios.

It’s non-violent.
Most women’s self defence courses teach violent techniques – gouging eyes, kneeing groins, etc. These are valuable, but they assume we’re facing a stranger in an alley. Imagine the teenage girl who is with someone she wants to be there with, and that person crosses a line. If the only tools we’ve given her are to poke out eyes, have we given her any at all. Yes, she has the right to use them, but if she doesn’t feel comfortable maiming someone she knows, we’ve left her without options. Jiu-Jitsu is that option. It allows us to control our personal space without having to hurt the person.

What does FLAG offer?


Since March 2013, we have run women’s self defence workshops every month (with a few exceptions while we moved in 2016). These 3 hour workshops are the perfect introduction to self defence for those who have never tried it. If you are interested in participating, email or put your contact info in the form below to join our mailing list or join us on Facebook at

Space is limited and our workshops regularly overbook. They generally take place on a Sunday, sometimes a Saturday. They are announced the month before, so make sure to email to get on our mailing list to get the first crack at registering.

FLAG Women’s Self Defence 101 Course

This two-day course covers content we aren’t able to get to in a one-day workshop. In addition to looking at unique techniques, the extra time allows us to gradually increase the intensity. Developing our comfort with that intensity is as valuable as knowing what to do.

Specific techniques covered:

Proper footwork and balance.

Fundamental strategies – always keep them in front, manage distance, understanding positioning, etc.

How to manipulate our weight to prevent anyone pulling or pushing us.

Getting behind and away from someone who is wrapping your arms up.

Escaping a headlock with only bodyweight.

Escaping various grips and grabs without relying strength.

How to throw someone who grabs you from behind.

Preventing someone from taking us to the ground, putting them to sleep if necessary.

The psychology of strength – how to look like someone who is not to be messed with.

Verbal Jiu-Jitsu – our words can be our greatest tools – learn what to say and to say it.

One secret for remaining calm in stressful situations – valuable in every area of life.

Escaping various pins.

How to neutralize someone who is trying to choke you.

How to prevent someone from using their weight against you.

How to not get hit when you are on your back.

How to get up and away when you are on your back.

How to put the opponent to sleep when you are on your back and you can’t get away.

To be put on the waiting list for the next course, email

FLAG Women’s Self Defence 201 Course

This follow up course to the 101 version gives participants a chance to review and expand on what was learned in the 101. As the techniques each become stronger, we learn to string them together enabling us to respond to a an unpredictable, ever-changing situation. Special emphasis is given to escaping against greater intensity.

This is only open to those who have completed the 101 course and those taking private lessons, upon instructor approval.

FLAG Women’s Self Defence 301 Course

Under development.

Corporate and In-School Programs

Whether you are interested in empowering the women and girls in your organization, or offering cutting edge, socially conscious life-coaching to the men and boys, we have the program to meet your needs. Our workshops change lives and unite teams like never before.

Email for to find out more.


Fight Like A Girl wants your help! We are actively seeking sponsors who value supporting important work. For details, please email