About Kids BJJ

All children have brilliance in them. At OpenMat, our goal is to help let that brilliance shine.

While OpenMat’s kids and teens Jiu-Jitsu program will empower your child through confidence-building martial arts, our positive culture and focus on character development fosters a dedication to holistic success in all of our students.

Our goal is to develop the leaders of tomorrow. Using martial arts as a vehicle for personal growth, your child will learn vital life lessons including the importance of goal-setting, respect for oneself and others, persistence in the face of challenge, developing and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits, how to deal with both success and failure. These are skills that will stay with them for a lifetime.

We’ve successfully helped students put an end to bullying, achieve new heights in both academics and self-confidence. Feedback from parents is that OpenMat’s kids and teens show marked improvements in belief in self, focus and concentration at school, self-discipline, social skills, self-respect and respect at home.

“We really appreciate all that you have done for my son, Raine. He loves being at the gym. Learning, interacting and just being among the Openmat family. It’s been such a positive influence for Raine. He’s developed a great work ethic, focus and drive. Even his school teacher has noticed a change. At his parent-teacher meeting, his teacher asked what type of Martial Arts he was studying. She could see how it’s helped Raine as he’s become more assertive and developed a leadership role in class. Thank you again for everything!”

“My son joined OpenMat’s Kids program almost a year ago and the transformation in confidence was immediate. The importance of control while training so as not to injure himself or his partners gives him an awareness of his own strength and teaches him to respect the strength and weakness of others. The program’s teachers inspire focus and success on the mat and in life. Many thanks to the OpenMat Team and its professional and gracious staff”

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