OpenMat is proud to offer world-class instruction taught by highly trained, fun and caring instructors.

Elliott Bayev / Founder / Head BJJ Instructor

OpenMat’s founder and head BJJ instructor, Elliott Bayev is a champion competitor and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt under 3rd Degree Renzo Gracie Black Belt, Professor Shawn Williams of 5 Star Martial Arts in Los Angeles.

 One of the first people to train BJJ in Toronto, Elliott left his corporate life behind in 2004 to start the precursor to OpenMat and share the beauty and power of BJJ. Since then, in addition to becoming one of the mostly highly regarded instructors and competitors in Canada, Elliott has grown OpenMat into the warm, fun, welcoming MMA academy we see today.

Elliott brings his personal philosophy of compassion, unity and positivity to OpenMat, which you feel the moment you walk through our doors. Elliott’s ultimate vision is of a healthier, happier, united world and sees OpenMat as the prototype of the kind of business the world needs.

Thoughtful, articulate and fun, Elliott brings a beautiful vision and great attitude to OpenMat, helping make it a place we’re all proud to call home.

Competition Highlights

  • 2012 Canadian FILA World Championships Trails Gold Medalist (Represented Canada at the Worlds in Krakow, Poland)

  • 2012 International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation Toronto Open Gold Medalist

  • 2010 Abu Dhabi Professional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Canadian Trails Silver Medalist

  • 2009 International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation No Gi Pan American Silver Medalist

  • 2009 Abu Dhabi Pro Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championship Competitor

  • 2009 Abu Dhabi Pro Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championship Canadian Trials – Gold

  • 2009 Ontario Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Open – 2 Golds

  • 2004 Ontario Submission Wrestling Invitational – Gold

  • 2004 Blue Belt NAGA World Championships – Gold

  • 2003 Copa Atlantica Jiu-Jitsu Championships – Silver

  • 2003 Relson Gracie U.S. Nationals – Silver

Val Ostanov / Wrestling Instructor

Professor Val Ostanov, OpenMat’s Head Wrestling Coach, is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt with over twenty years of Greco-Roman and Freestyle Wrestling experience in the former USSR. Val grew up wrestling and competing and brings an incredible depth of knowledge and experience to OpenMat’s wrestling and BJJ programs. Val brings to an intensity and toughness to his wrestling practices but also has a great sense of humour that ensure that the hard work is fun too.

On top of Professor Val’s impressive wrestling and BJJ credentials, he also has over 15 years of experience in the fields of nutrition, health and personal development and is the author of three books. Whether you’re looking for critical competition advice or equally critical nutrition advice, Val has a wealth of knowledge.

Competition Highlights

  • 2011 IBJJF No-Gi World Championship – Silver

Peter Montrait / Kru

I have been involved in Martial Arts for 12 years, with 8 of those years spent activity competing at both the amateur and professional level in Muay Thai and MMA. My personal philosophy in teaching Martial Arts is “No person left behind”. I believe that the Martial Arts are for everyone, and with patience and attention to detail everyone can achieve a high level of skill. I am currently a full time Coach and Personal Trainer.

Coaching Accomplishments:
Over the years I have had the opportunity to both train, and train with some of the best Muay Thai and MMA fighters that Canada has to offer (Clifton Brown, Simon Marcus and Matt Embree, to name a few).

Some of the standouts that I have trained to championship levels are:
Janna Hein – Amateur Muay Thai Champion
Tiffany Case – Amateur Muay Thai Champion, and Professional Muay Thai Fighter
Janice Lyn – Amateur Muay Thai champion, and current Professional Muay Thai World Champion
Alex Ricci – UFC Fighter
Elias Theodorou – Winner of the Ultimate Fighter and current UFC Fighter; I was his Muay Thai coach for the final and first fight post final.
Simon Marcus – I helped prepare Simon with sparring and coaching for his professional World Champion fights with Artem Levin, and Joe Schilling- Both of which he was the victor.

Personal Accomplishments:
Certified Poo Choi Kru in Muay Thai
Amateur and Professional Muay Thai Fighter with a record of 14 Wins, 4 Losses, 2 Knockouts
Professional MMA Fighter with 2 Wins, 0 Losses; 1 Win by Sub and 1 by first round Knockout
Competed for the CMTCA Light Heavy Weight Muay Thai Title Winner of the 2010 Qualifier Tournament for a spot on the Canadian National Team
Certified Personal Trainer Specialist – CanfitPro
Certified Fitness Instructor Specialist – CanfitPro
Level 1 Nutrition Coach – Precision Nutrition

Tony Monoharan / Kru

35 sanctioned fights
TBA-SA 60kg Lightweight Pro North American Champion
2009 and 2010 TBA Amateur Champion
Fought and trained internationally in Thailand, Australia, England, Canada and USA

Gabriel Solignac / Kru

Gabriel has competed in martial arts from a young age all over Europe and Australia as a fighter and a trainer in Savate, Kickboxing and Boxing.

Gabriel holds a Silver Gloves in Savate (French KickBoxing), and is certified through the French and Canadian Savate Federation as an instructor. Gabriel continues to learn different styles of martial arts to keep improving his skills as a fighter and trainer.

Titles Wins :

International Kickboxing tournament, September 2013 Paris France.

International Kickboxing tournament, December 2012 Alicante Spain.

French Savate Champion in -70kg 2010 and 2011.

University French Champion -70kg 2009 and 2010.

Taro Kurita / Coach

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Carlos Quinonez / Coach

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Trevor Johnston / Coach

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Denis Beenen / Coach

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Mike Fung / Coach

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Tania Andrade / Coach

Coach Tania has a degree in developmental psychology and has nearly a decade of experience working one-on-one with children in a variety of settings. She has written and published a children’s book about self-acceptance, friendship and being different. A medical administrator by day, Coach Tania is a purple belt in Jiu-Jitsu and is technical because she has to be – most of her experience consists of fighting bigger people:)

Kat McGuire / Coach

Coach Kat fell in love with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the winter of 2014, and hasn’t looked back since! She adores the endless depths of the art, and brings a technical mind and an indomitable spirit to her practice. Being smaller than most of the people she rolls with, Coach Kat has developed a super strong defensive game and has learned to rely on superior technique to get the advantage. She aims to instill a sound defensive repertoire and a strong respect for technique over strength in her students, and delights in seeing them develop their own styles as they progress.

BJJ has also helped Coach Kat find her calling in life, as she has chosen to pursue a career in Physiotherapy following the experience of rehabbing an injury of her own. She also fell in love with strength training around this time, and can often be found working up a sweat in the workout area if she’s not on the mats!

Kat is dangerous on the mats but carries herself unassumingly. She has a big grin on her face during competitions, whether winning or losing. Her passion for helping others shines through her teaching and willingness to share her time. Coach Kat is an awesome example to all of our students!

Sumeet Gill / Coach

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Mark Gobien / Coach

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Keith Eager / Coach

A lifelong athlete, Keith played competitive Baseball and Ice Hockey growing up, eventually coaching skating, hockey and . He found Jiu Jitsu and Martial Arts in 2008. Keith has been with Openmat since 2010, studying under Professors Elliott Bayev and Val Ostanov.

While the majority of his mat time has been spent doing Jiu Jitsu, Keith has also trained in Wrestling, Judo, MMA and Muay Thai. In addition to instructing and assistant instructing in Jiu Jitsu, Keith has coached in Skating, Ice Hockey and Sledge Hockey, all the while secretly wishing that he was coaching Jiu Jitsu.

More scientist than cheerleader or sage, Keith’s interest is in finding, exploring and mapping out effective Jiu Jitsu for self defence, MMA and sport grappling. Keith helps his students to find both a universal Jiu Jitsu and a game that they can call their own.

JP Bui / Coach

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