Summer Camp

OpenMat Summer Camp offer children the perfect balance between physical activity, creativity, outdoors and new experiences.

Why OpenMat Summer Camp?

At OpenMat, we care about quality and we strongly believe that summer camp is for more than just having fun.

For that reason, life skills and character development are infused into every activity of camp.

Throughout the week, your child will learn a wide range of skills associated with physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development.  So while your child is having a blast with us this summer, they also will be gaining valuable life experiences!

About Our Camps

Summer camp martial arts session

Our summer camp welcomes all children, ages 5 -12, for our full day, weekly summer camps.

OpenMat Summer Camp runs from 8:30 a.m – 4:00 p.m.  With an extended hours option available, our schedule is convenient for working parents.   Throughout the summer, 6 different weeks are available, meaning you are sure to find one that works for you and your child!

Weeks Available:

  • July 9- 13th
  • July 16th– 20th
  • July 23rd – July 27thh
  • July 30 – Aug 3rd
  • Aug 13th – 17th
  • Aug 20th -24th

Summer Camp registration is now Open!   To secure your child’s spot this summer, click here!

What Will My Child Do in a Day?

pie chart of summer camp activities

When we designed our summer camp, we took into consideration healthy child development and structured our camp’s schedule to be very dynamic and age-appropriate so that your child is never bored!

While we are a martial arts themed camp, our children’s summer camp will offer your child a lot more than just martial arts.  A typical day also involves campers actively engaging in crafts, outdoor play, structured games, and much more.

In addition, everyday has a highlight activity that your child will love such as field trips, movie days, or visiting a splash pad.  To wrap up the week is a demonstration where children can show off their ninja moves to their parents!

Limited Spots Available! Do not let your child miss out on this opportunity!

Fill out your info below for more information or register your child today!


How is your camp different form any other camp?

Our camp coordinator studies child development and is passionate about bringing the principle of healthy child development to her camp environment.   Through the implementation of these principles, she is able to create an environment where kids can feel comfortable and secure to play, learn, and most importantly have fun!

What type of Martial Arts will my child learn?

Since we are a mixed martial arts school, your child will get a taste of a few different martial arts such as grappling, striking and katas!  This makes is a great intro for a child who has never tried martial arts or a new experience for those who already train in one type of martial arts!

What if my child has never done martial arts before

That is not a problem!   All of our lessons in camp are beginner friendly.  In fact the week, is a great way for your child to try out martial arts without any commitments!

Why should my child participate in your camp?

Our camp offers an amazing, well rounded summer experience.  Too often our children spend their summers indoors or staring at a device.  In contrast, at our camp, your child will get to experience everything such as martial arts, crafts, outdoor play and exploring different areas of Toronto.

What will my child need for the camp?

Everyday your child will need to bring 2 lunches and a snack.  On special days during the week they might need to bring other supplies such as a swimsuit.

How do I sign up?

One of our team members would love to help you with that!  You have a few different options to start the process.  You can fill out your contact information at the top of the page and someone will be I touch with you shortly or you can reach out to us by email or phone.

Get to Know Our Camp Coordinator

summer camp coordinator

From a very young age, Taisley has immersed herself in both volunteer and work experiences with children, giving her over 10 years in the childcare field.  Through these experiences, Taisley has developed a passion for relating to every child on a personal level.

Taisley is currently studying Child Study and Education under some of the leading researchers of child development in Canada.  Her studies have encouraged her to apply the principles of child psychology to kids martial arts programs to create more developmentally friendly environments to learn martial arts.

In her summer camps, Taisley strives to encourage children to live holistically by balancing fitness, games, creativity and learning.  Taisley is CPR and High Five certified in Principles of Healthy Child development and Quest 2 allowing her to ensure children’s safety while not taking away from their fun.

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